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Teambuilding concepts
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Case study

  • Participation as a vector of change
  • Give more impact to your seminars

Involve your staff to communicate about change

A famous brand of general public tools decides to change direction While continuing to sell house and gardening tools for the general public, it wants to become a new reference in personalised accompaniment of projects.  It’s not about giving information about stock availability and indicating the alley for the desired item. The goal is to accompany […]

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Improve the efficiency of your seminar

La réussite d’un séminaire passe avant tout par l’attention dont fera preuve le public. Un public qui s’éteint, ce sont des messages qui se sont pas - ou très partiellement - reçus. Donc notre secret est d'arriver à impliquer les participants pour motiver leur intérêt aux activités.

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In general, I received good comments about the quiz event.
The Kone part was very well prepared and we can see that you put your heart into it and that you took our comments into account.
Congratulations for your flexibility. I really appreciated it and the contact we had during all the presentation.

— Laurent

The activity went great, whether we talk about the game with the pad or Bubble football. Everyone had an amazing time. Everything, from the activity to the animation and the activity leader, was perfect. Thanks a lot for this great afternoon!

— Laetitia

My client was delighted!
The participants were impressed by the city, thanks to your rally.
Despite the rain, they could enjoy their comics rally!
Thank you.

— Aurélie


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Teambuilding in teleworking

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Team building at low cost

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Celebrate our anniversary! 11th April @ The Egg

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Data protection

wannapplay and  your privacy protection 1 ° Data collection The information you provide by completing the request form is stored in our CRM at least until the day of your event. Subsequently, these data are kept but are only used to follow up on possible future events. This history allows us to know which concepts […]

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Teambuilding concepts – the wannapplay approach

Plato said; “Necessity is the mother of invention”  We are also convinced that in order to create, ideas arise from a problem, a discomfort, a lack of something. This is the genesis of wannapplay! The observation before the creation of the company was as follows: we do not know of any modern and effective solution […]

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