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Case study

  • Participation as a vector of change
  • Add brainstorming to your team-building

Involve your staff to communicate about change

A famous brand of general public tools decides to change direction While continuing to sell house and gardening tools for the general public, it wants to become a new reference in personalised accompaniment of projects.  It’s not about giving information about stock availability and indicating the alley for the desired item. The goal is to accompany […]

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A better brainstorming thanks to our serious games

Le challenge : Arriver à faire brainstormer une équipe en extérieur: Lorsque l’un de nos clients nous a demandé une activité sur mesure qui leur semblait un challenge, nous l'avons tout de suite relevé. Le défi : offrir tous les bénéfices d’un team event en extérieur mais amener les équipes à brainstormer pour apporter des éléments tangibles de réflexion au management. Nous avons sauté sur l’occasion.

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Celebrate our anniversary! 11th April @ The Egg

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Manage your team building event

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The MaestroMobile is back !!

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Teambuilding concepts – the wannapplay approach

Plato said; “Necessity is the mother of invention”  We are also convinced that in order to create, ideas arise from a problem, a discomfort, a lack of something. This is the genesis of wannapplay! The observation before the creation of the company was as follows: we do not know of any modern and effective solution […]

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