At breakneck speed!

Collaborative teambuilding animation

The full speed creative team-building

You are looking for an original team-building activity that offers collaboration in competition, where participants build something together and live an experience together expressing their creativity?

We offer you a surprising activity: create a Formula 1 stable, build your own cardboard racing car and race against your colleagues. An intense and balanced half-day from which everyone benefits: from coordination and cutting to the race through assembly and decoration. Everyone has a key role to play. You must be original and meticulous.

A creative activity, three key steps

Participants are divided into 10-person teams. After a quick briefing by the animation staff, they’ll ll they need to design and build their racing car: card board, tools and plans. But before getting started, they must analyse the situation and divide up the tasks: Who will be time master? Who will read the plans? Who will be in charge of cutting? Once the roles are defined, work can start!

  1. Construction: Cut, glue, assemble… The teams are getting to work. Our staff is there to help the participants if they need it and to give the budding pilots some advice;
  2. Decoration: We also bring paint, colourful sprays and others decoration items. Each stable can customise their race car and pimp their ride. Imagine blue neon lights and the race spoilers…
  3. The race: Here, speed isn’t everything. Sturdiness is just as important! Watch out not to lose a wheel during the race because a plan misreading or a poor assembly!
  4. The award ceremony: the organisers choose the winning team judging the decoration, speed and sturdiness of the vehicles. The winners are called on the podium to receive the cup.

corporate raceteam building créatif

Anywhere for you!

Our activity team goes everywhere with all the equipment necessary for this creative team-building activity: in your premises, in the hotel you’re staying in or where-ever your meeting is taking place: no need to plan extra time or money to plan this team-building activity! We can plan this activity inside or outside. Even though a courtyard or park is the ideal venue to end this challenge with a race if the weather is fine, a 25-sq-meter space for each team is enough for this activity.

Pimp your ride…

You want to live this activity a bit differently? You can create a locomotive, a Roman chariot, a boat or any other vehicle… Contact us for more information!

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