City Play

Discover the cities through our urban rally, live the team building developed especially for your business.

Rediscover the urban rally

No need to go on a retreat to have a successful team-building activity! Is an urban rally outdated and boring? We believe that the visit of a city can also be fun and reinforce team spirit, our City Play proves it!

The city as a playground

First, the participants are divided up in 6 persons teams. They are given an ipad, which serves as a guide, a game console and a camera. All in one… and even more! Then, the players discover a map of the city on the tablet. The goal: scoring as many points as you can passing through icons split across the new play zone. As soon as they are 20 meters away from those icons, several challenges unlock:

  • Fun quizzes to discover or rediscover the city… To know the answer, the participants have to observe the neighbourhood or use their general knowledge. The teams can choose the way they answer: if they know the answer, they can choose “Cash” or if they’re not sure, they can choose “Carré” (a 4-proposition choice) or “Duo” (a 2-proposition choice),
  • Timed questions that add energy to the activity,
  • Creative challenges: the participants are invited to draw, to take pictures or to film themselves with the tablet. Laughter guaranteed!
  • Reorganisation questions: the players have to sort out several propositions.

Finally, at the end of this team-building activity, the participants get together, sometimes around a drink. We show the best creations to finish the activity on a high note! The team getting the best score is also rewarded.

Activity areas

We turn the main cities of Benelux, and everywhere else in Europe, in playgrounds. We use each city in a different way to propose a unique urban rally. Here are a few examples:

  • In Flanders: Leuven, Antwerp, Gent, Bruges – Knokke, Ostende…
  • In Wallonia: Liège, Mons, Namur, Dinant, Louvain-la-Neuve, Brussels, Charleroi, Maredsous, Pairi Daiza, Spa, Durbuy, Tournai…
  • In Brussels: We cover several parts of the city, such as Ixelles, Forest, the European disctrict, the city centre;
  • In Europe: Frankfort, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Bern, Cannes, Luxembourg, Lille, Reims, Rome…

And this list keeps evolving! You’d like to play in a city which is not in the list? We can create your urban rally! And with our Christmas Play, you can also discover a city through its Christmas market. Call us so we can talk about it.

Customising urban rallies, that’s what we do!

This activity can indeed be 100% customised: we can include game sequences dedicated to specific contents such as the theme of the day, the highlights of the morning plenary, the goals of the year… One of our strength is actually gamification: we turn serious contents into fun activities for the participants.

Moreover, we can add fun and interactive options… and include them perfectly in the main activity. You can see all the options available here on the right.


“We’re lucky, the weather’s fine”

It’s not always sunny in our region? Although we might have a good surprise, we can’t say you don’t have a point and that’s why we developed light or full solutions to solve this problem. Contact us and we will tell you everything!


You have a question? Call us! You want to see a demonstration? Our pleasure!



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Dear Aframia, THANK YOU again for the great city game last week. I only have excellent feedback for you, the tour, the stops, the app/ game! Some of them said that even though they knew Brussels, they did discover it in a much better/ nicer way...

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Frédérique de Siemens

"Duizendmaal dank! Het was een prachtige namiddag vol uitdagingen, creativiteit, ontdekkingen en vrolijkheid, dankzij jullie onberispelijke organisatie en onze animatrice Alix. Ik heb alleen maar positieve reacties gekregen!" 11 juli 2017 *

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Samia from Thomson Reuters

Looking to reenergize your employees ? Your are at the right address. We work together since 3 years right now with wannapplay. More we continue to work with them and more and more better is it. JCVD event, Treasure Hunt or Movie Play the last...

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Corinne from Vinci Facilities

A successful team-building: A very nice setting for a great and well-organised activity. This sunny day is unforgettable and the participants' enthusiasm was very communicative. A lot of humour, of nice memories and of funny pictures. A nice unity in diversity. Something to try!

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Pauline from Siemens

We're very glad with the day we enjoyed and I'm quite happy with my colleagues' participation! It's not always that easy! Thanks again and see you next time!

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Christelle from CDMA Greta

This Urban Game was a great success. We got a lot of positive comments. Thanks for this great organisation.

See testimonial

Maud from Solvay

  Thank you very much for everything. The participants enjoyed the event a lot! :-)

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Laetitia from Arkadin

The activity went great, whether we talk about the game with the pad or Bubble football. Everyone had an amazing time. Everything, from the activity to the animation and the activity leader, was perfect. Thanks a lot for this great afternoon!

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Aurélie from Access United

My client was delighted! The participants were impressed by the city, thanks to your rally. Despite the rain, they could enjoy their comics rally! Thank you.

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