Cocktail Play

Great icebreaker for your professional meetings

An activity to break the ice, that guests can play as they wish

Principle of the activity

Our roll ups can be deployed in any indoor space and they offer your guests a dozen of questions as well as a topic at each stop, so that people can break the ice as soon as the evening starts.

It is a self-regulated activity. No nice activity leader here, no-one interrupting the conversation or making you feel like you are trapped. The ones deciding when, how and with who are the guests!


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How does it work?

Your guests will be invited to connect to a Web site and will receive a startup code to connect to the game. They will just be asked to give a phone number before they start. It is actually that phone number that we will dial if the person is in the winning team. It is a really fun moment when hundreds of people are hoping to hear their phones ring with the sweet sound of victory.

On their own or in teams (it is up to them), participants can check out the boards set up in the room to try and find the names of celebrities from photos taken when they were young, find the names of famous music bands from anagrams or find the legendary cocktails hiding behind a series of ingredients.

Therein lies the networking strength of the activity : the players’ competitive spirit will encourage them to form groups, depending on their respective knowledge rather than on their affinities. Maybe not at first but it will probably be true after a while.


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Numerous advantages

This fun activity is a powerful ice-breaker and your guests won’t feel like they have to play – which means they will probably want to play!

But the biggest strength of this concept is its fun, that it matches small budgets and that it is specially developed for really big groups!!!

Impose your touch!

Whether it is to match the theme of your event, to match your identity or to pass on precise information to the participants, we can develop tailor-made themes. You choose the level of customisation of your activity (partial, total or none).

You can also imagine a permanent activity if you have everyday visitors in your premises. We will set it up with you!


Contact us to discuss it. We will be glad to answer your questions


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