Digital escape game

The escape room comes to you

Digital escape game – The infernal machine

wannapplay offers you a new escape game experience! This concept is in line with the trend of escape rooms, whose atmosphere we recreate.

Our digital escape game combines different elements, such as:

  • The use of image recognition. A stunning technology that opens up many possibilities for game mechanics
  • The use of augmented reality. This one offers the wow effect, which will always surprise your participants!
  • The use of more traditional game mechanics; various manipulations, assemblies of real and virtual elements
  • A decor worthy of a real escape room thanks to an assembly of various panels, stressful music just as it should be, atmospheric lighting… and of course a stopwatch that inexorably counts down the time you have left to deactivate the machine!

The scenario

The basic scenario of this digital escape game is as follows: a brilliant teacher is at the origin of a machine of extreeeeme power. It can produce the energy needed to power the world. However, if it fell into the wrong hands -as you can imagine – the consequences could be disastrous.

And that’s unfortunately what just happened… You now have 90 minutes to save the world! No pressure though!

In concrete terms

Each team – from 5 to 6 people maximum – will receive a little box and a letter from the professor. The participants will have to deactivate the 8 modules of the infernal machine one by one. It will be necessary to use all the eyes and brains of the participants to achieve this result before the countdown expires!

The advantages of the digital escape game

The main advantages are as follows:

  • Works indoors, summer and winter
  • The assembly time is about an hour, the disassembly is even faster
  • We can install the infernal machine anywhere, in your offices, in a meeting room, in a castle, in an abandoned factory!
  • The use of image recognition and augmented reality is surprising and very accurate!

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