Visio detective

The digital teambuilding

An immersive digital teambuilding

Discover our visio detective, a digital teambuilding concept that takes place virtually in the Louvre, but above all from your home office.

Installed in a videoconference room, you will be immersed in a 4-act investigation. It takes place in October 1985. While you are in the famous room 6 of the Louvre museum, some unexpected events will take place in front of you. You will witness the spectacular flight of the Mona Lisa live.

4 suspects are present in the room with you. You will be able to question them in turn, and you will also be able to analyse 6 clues. After an hour and a half of investigation, you should be able to point out the daring criminal.

An investigation in 4 acts

Practically speaking, all you have to do is connect with your colleagues in a zoom room. Your game master welcomes you and sets the scene. 4 sub-teams are then created. They are not in competition with each other! Indeed, everyone can win in the visio detective, it’s a challenge against time and against the culprit, but not a competition between the teams.

The advantages of this concept are multiple. You will have to become fine analysts, use a dose of deduction, and have a good sense of listening between teammates. In spite of the videoconference, the dialogue remains present in the breakout rooms during the analysis of the clues, which makes this video-detective a warm digital teambuilding despite the distance.



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Visio detective intro

L’enquete teambuilding en visio conference

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Mathieu from Engie

Thank you for the animation. Sofia was very dynamic and we had fun playing. Thank you also for the quality of our exchanges during the preparation. The feedback from our trainees is done via an online questionnaire that we have not yet finalised. But more...

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