Dinner Play

Involve your guests in their corporate event with our interactive meal activity.

The interactive quiz activity for your corporate dinner

A dance show or a magician are not the only solutions to spice up a corporate dinner. What if there were a table activity that would allow every guest to become an actor without disturbing the meal? Our tailor-made activity sets up a friendly atmosphere during the evening allowing the guests to interact. Our Dinner Play was indeed developed to have fun together during a corporate event.

The tables compete against each other over a quiz

Each table represents a team which competes against the other tables. Our tablets serve as a buzzer and a camera. Participants will try to score as many points as possible. First, our group leader will start with a first sequence to break the ice before starters. The questions of the quiz are projected on a screen for the whole attendance, and each team answers on the tablet. Several challenges are available:

  • Fun quizzes: To know the answer, the participants have to observe the surroundings or use their general knowledge. The teams can choose the way they answer: if they know the answer, they can choose “Cash” or if they’re not sure, they can choose “Carré” (a 4-proposition choice) or “Duo” (a 2-proposition choice),
  • Timed questions that add energy to the activity,
  • Creative challenges: the participants draw, take pictures or film themselves with the tablet. Laughter guaranteed!

The players keep on competing between the starter and the main course and between the main course and dessert.

After the activity, we show the best creations to finish the activity on a high note! The team getting the best score is also rewarded.

A flexible meal activity

We organise everything in your dining space, in your premises or in the restaurant you’ve chosen. The activity staff comes with all the necessary equipment. Whether it is a sitting dinner or a walking dinner, a lunch or a dinner, we adapt to your timing and to your setting.

For more interaction and more fun, you can add several options to this activity: musicians, photo booth, workshops…

Several themes to customise your corporate dinner

Each sequence of the quiz represents several quizzes on a different theme. We propose several themes:

  • 60’s – 70’s – 80’s – 90’s – 2000’s
  • Music
  • Cinema
  • Cartoons
  • Europe
  • Animals
  • Series & Films
  • What the f… ?!

This activity can indeed be 100% customised: we can include game sequences dedicated to specific contents such as the theme of the day, the highlights of the morning plenary, the goals of the year… One of our strengths is actually gamificationwe turn serious contents into fun activities for the participants.

You have a question? Call us! You want to see a demonstration? Feel free to call us!



Matthieu from Epareca

I haven't had the time to write to tell you how much we appreciated the event organised by UrbanGaming. Everybody was very happy and I only heard positive comments.  I would like to thank you very much and also to thank your activity leader, Quentin, who was very...

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Laurent from Kone

In general, I received good comments about the quiz event. The Kone part was very well prepared and we can see that you put your heart into it and that you took our comments into account. Congratulations for your flexibility. I really appreciated it and the contact we...

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