Dinner Show

An interactive dinner inspired by TV shows

The “Dinner Show”, the teambuilding inspired by TV shows.

Our Dinner Show offers you sequences that will propel you into the world of the small screen. Three sequences linked to three famous game shows, namely:

1°) Who really really wants to be a millionaire?
2°) The price is right… right?
3°) This room is full of talent

It should be seen as a real TV show, with the sound and image that go with it. Your host will be dressed in a pop and shinny jacket, we’ll broadcast an intro video of each theme faithful to the TV show.

The “codes” of the TV shows will be – in a non-exhaustive way;

  • The voice-over providing the audience with additional information during the game
  • Background music
  • Participants who take to the stage
  • Interludes “competition games”
  • Fine and elegant humour
  • And of course, a car to win!

3 sequences – 3 TV shows

In total, 3 sequences are set up between the dishes, or at least at 3 different times of the evening. These 3 moments are announced in a sound and visual way by our team

The price is right… right?

Find prices for rare items or items bought at flea markets, arranged on stage and unveiled one after the other. Each team will indicate their response by placing a totem in front of the object. The closest ones get the most points. There will be Internet objects, second-hand goods, black market objects

Who really really wants to be a millionaire?

With all the decorum, music, game-inspired questions, 50/50 and the call to a friend

This room is full of talent

Song stopped – find the missing lyrics, but also perform a playback, air guitar contest, etc

=> in order to play, different ways of proceeding will depend on the sequences of the game

– walk to the right corner of the room. In each corner, a letter (A B C D) and a color. If you are in the right place, the game continues, otherwise you go back to your place and you can continue by guiding your teammates.

– use buzzers, the fastest team having the right to speak

– click on voting boxes, 2 to 4 choices

– encode answers on a tablet,….

– each team will also send a champion on stage to answer, depending on the concept!

This special TV shows teambuilding  will be perfect to  your end-of-year meals!