Escape Box

Escape room for large groups and companies

Escape Rooms are fashionable!

… and a fashion trend that has a lot to offer in terms of team building in a business context, and it’s already a classic mastered by Wannaplay. It strengthens all the essential levers of the members of a same professional team for a better collaboration in the long term: listening, tasks distribution, leadership, collaboration, group decision-making etc. It also reveals the intrinsic modes of operation of each participant in the team and thus reveals the skills of the more discreet people in the group too.

Escape room VS Escape Box

But what is an Escape Room? You are locked in a room with your team of 4 to 6 people and you have a limited time to get out by solving a global puzzle and several smaller puzzles. Each of these riddles works according to different reflection mechanisms and physical functioning: sometimes they are playful, sometimes you need to think, sometimes it is a deduction and sometimes you have to use your senses. The whole investigation forces the group to listen and to trust each other.

Our Escape Box uses the same game mechanics as the escape rooms, but the concept has been completely redesigned to tackle business problems. The activity is a real trip around the world. It is a backpack that you have to open, layer by layer, enigma after enigma, in the way of a Russian doll. A breath of fresh air for the team, an epic with your backpackers colleagues the time of a constructive challenge out of reality and become real backpackers. But watch out: the clock is ticking! 

“What really good is, is that you re-discover the others through a positive lens: if a lock did not open, it meant that the group had not found the solution yet. On the other hand, if a lock opened due to a new approach that was suggested by one of us, everyone immediately admired him benevolently, I’ve never give so many pats on the back!

R. Profeta – Composition

The Escape Box: the escape room for -very- large groups  

Thanks to the concept, the volume of groups and their mobility is no longer problematic when organising team building activities. The escape rooms are indeed only suitable for very small groups, who also have to go on location. With our solution, however, we can come to you, wherever your event takes place: in a hotel, an event location or even in your premises. 

In addition, we are part of two professional networks that allow us to plan this activity for groups of several hundreds hundred people, always with the same professionalism. Help us break the record by asking for a proposal for a group of more than 500 participants! But of course we also love groups of 20 people! The only thing we need is a table per team.













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