Cluedo Play – Where is JCVD?

An investigation to solve with your colleagues.

You want to solve a thrilling and surrealist investigation?

This collaborative teambuilding activity offers you a day off with your colleagues and a twisted puzzle: What happened to Jean-Claude Van Damme?


JCVD is gone missing. He was in a nearby hotel and was preparing to pay a visit to his biggest fans: YOU! As Jean-Claude is very generous and life without him would be much less fun, you decide to join the team of investigators to solve the mystery. But you have to hurry, time is running out. As Jean-Claude himself once said:

We, humans, invented time. But time doesn’t exist, because there’s a matter, a power of compression that isn’t the same for every species on Earth.

How does it work?

You will have to explore a territory – a town or a village, in the countryside or outside your premises – to solve this mysterious investigation. You will have to look for clues and suspects during your investigation. As any self-respecting investigator who has to put himself in the victim’s shoes to understand the suspects’s motives, you will get to understand JCVD better thanks to EXTRA challenges: Speak Aware, breath the air carrying the planes or develop your best epic flip. You will become an expert… but will you be able to unmask the culprit, his/her motive and to guess how he/she proceeded to complete his evil plan?

A collaborative teambuilding indeed: You will have to rely on the other members of your team to find a balance between space and time. You will have to be a bit crazy but not ‘unbalanced‘ to accomplish the mission. Can you do it?

According to statistics, one person out of five is disturbed. If there are four people around you who seem normal, that’s not good.

The ideal option to spice up the game

To perfect your education as an aspiring JCVD, ask for the hoverboard workshop. For more information, click on the hoverborad option on the right ->

An interrelated team-building activity for teams!

Each team will have to exchange its information with the other teams. Competition? Yes, but a sane one! This what collaborative teambuilding is about! The winning team will receive the “perfect Jean-Claude” kit. The moment of the debriefing will be the perfect opportunity to watch the photos and the videos taken by the participants.

I believe in the moment. If there is no moment, at this moment, it is necessary to come at this moment, at the moment we want.

Take a minute to call us. We offer gifts related to this game if you say that you are aware!

If you call a psychic and she does not pick up the phone before it rings, hang up!!



Samia from Thomson Reuters

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