Lego Challenge

LEGO® bricks for your company 

92.3% of western adults say they’ve already played with LEGO® bricks. What about you? Are you ready for the Lego Challenge? Let’s lapse in second childhood with the colourful bricks and the little yellow figurines in a team-building activity? Indeed, LEGO® Danish company developed a whole range of products suitable for companies. We propose to use one of these innovative concepts during a team activity: calling for a world-famous universe not related to work, this is perfect to boost collaboration between colleagues! The little bricks are communication tools that can create a better atmosphere in your company.

Competition and creativity 

As any self-respecting competition, the goal of the game is to score as many point as possible in teams. The participants have to face several construction challenges and show team spirit to win them: build the highest tower, create a labyrinth, reproduce a famous monument… But watch out, the group leaders can set or change rules any time. For example, the players can be asked to build the longest bridge the fastest and… with a limited number of LEGO® bricks! Then, they’ll have to show ingenuity to assemble their bridge with another team’s bridge. Competition, cooperation, communication and creativity are the key words of the LEGO® Challenge activity. The challenges permit to strengthen the bonds in your team and to create a favourable work environment.

Easy and mobile 

Wherever your event is taking place (in a hotel, an event venue or even in your premises), we come with all the necessary equipment. Our group leaders put hundreds of LEGO® bricks at the participants’s disposal and the activity can start! We just need a table for each team.

LEGO® as a team-building activity

You want to solve a problem in your company? To improve exchanges between collaborators? You want to organise a corporate coaching but in a fun way? Discover here how LEGO® bricks can be used.

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