Lego Serious Play

Build together

Say it with bricks!

You want to solve a problem in your company? To improve exchanges between collaborators? You want to organise a corporate coaching but in a fun way? What if we told you you could do that with LEGO®? Imagine: you, your colleagues, colourful LEGO® bricks and little yellow figurines of your childhood in a meeting room at work. Unthinkable?

Nevertheless it’s possible! The company developed a whole range of products and concepts to face complex corporate challenges.  That’s right, those little bricks can turn into true coaching tools and create a better corporate atmosphere.

The LEGO® Serious Play® method

The LEGO® Serious Play® coaching allows companies to use the little bricks to ease change inside the teams, improve communication, solve problems, imagine new concepts, increase productivity…

Participants express their ideas with bricks building 3D objects. This way, they can tell what they want more easily using metaphors. This process improve imagination and ease communication. An active participation from each member of the group is also necessary: all the participants talk, listen, learn from one another, independently from from their social and hierarchical position.

Our team followed the training and got the certifications to become official “facilitators” of the LEGO® Serious Play® method. We’ll prepare the program together to optimise the session and to figure out the themes to tackle.

An activity just like LEGO®: simple and efficient!

Each process takes place in three:

  1. The challenge: the trained group leader invites participants to reflection and dialogue;
  2. The construction: participants respond to the construction challenge using LEGO® bricks. It is time to be imaginative and creative;
  3. Sharing: participants show their construction and share their vision of things with regard to the question asked during the challenge.

We put thousands of bricks to the participants’ disposal. The only thing we need is a table pour each team. To ensure the quality of coaching, we prefer not to accept groups over 30 persons.

LEGO® as a team-building activity

You want to organise a fun activity which combines creativity, competition, team spirit and cooperation? Discover our team-building activity during which you can also use LEGO® bricks.


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