Movie Play

Creative team-building

The Movie Play, the ultimate creative team-building activity, in a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere!

Concretely, the Movie Play goes like this:

  1. Beginning of a sequence. All the teams gather in a room for a new sequence. Your activity leader gives you a code linked to the theme. This code will be entered in the pad that you received.
  2. The sequence always begins with a series of information and of questions linked to the theme. For example, during the cinema sequence, you will have to answer questions about actors, film extract, soundtracks and posters.
  3. The third part of the sequence is always linked to the screenplay writing and to the shooting of your creation. During the cinema sequence, each team will have to make a trailer or a teaser. For example, in the advertisement theme, you will have to shoot a 20-second mini-ad, etc…
  4. Then, the sequence ends with the viewing of the creations. The creations of all the teams are presented and each team votes for the best film, the best screenplay and the best shooting. Symbolic awards will be handed to the team and given to the members in a democratic way.
  5. The teams are then mixed… During the 4 sequences of the game, participants have to switch teams and multiply the meetings with other players.
  6. The next sequence can then take place…

At the end of the game, the individual trophies are counted and the 3 best players are rewarded…

movie_game_cinema_quiz_corporate_event_dinner movie_gaming_teambuilding_indoor

The main advantage of this creative team-building activity is the constant team switching during the game, so that each player can collaborate with enveryone!

We propose 4 sequences to the groups. Here are the themes:

  • Advertisement: We are surrounded by ads, in the magazines, on TV or at the movies…
    Ads even flood our smartphones. A sequence is dedicated to advertisement!
  • Films : Cinema has evolved a lot, from silent films in black and withe to present
    animated films and 3D. We will glance through some techniques and question you about
    the greatest classics before you work on your own creations.
  • Documentaries: Documentaries are a special genre which is often close to fiction.
    You will have to answer a few questions again before you work on your own creations!
  • Video clip: We kept the best – and the funniest – for last with a musical sequence… which will end up with a  lip-dub musical clip or with a simple playback!


Please contact Mister Scorsese, Mister Spielberg or us for more information.



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