Detective play

Looking for a team building in a murder party atmosphere? wannapplay offers you the Detective Play!

Four teams are transported to the heart of a police intrigue. To solve this case, they will have to be wise and work together to collectively find the culprit. Using clues and interviewing suspects, investigators will have to unravel the true from the false and find the irrefutable evidence that points to the culprit. 

A murder party in the form of an express investigation…

In this murder party, there are no complex rules to manage or roles to play. The action starts after one minute and we learn the few rules while investigating. Moreover, the only person who has to play the comedy… is the Game Master.

A – Clues

Each round, players draw one or two clues. They receive them at their table and have a few minutes to analyse them, or even decode them in order to understand all the information.

B – Interviews

After the clue phase, the game round continues with an interview phase. In turn, each of the suspects will introduce themselves to the players, who will be able to ask them any questions they may have about the case and learn more about their motives and any information they may have. But beware, some suspects will not hesitate to lie to them shamelessly to protect their secrets.

Who wins?

Detective Play is a cooperative game between teams. There is no single winner. All teams that find the culprit will be winners, without ranking. Players fight against time and against the game.

Are you ready for this murder party?



P.S. Just as the visio-escape, Detective play can be performed with remote workers!



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