Networking Play

Directly turn your professional contacts into a network, faster and more efficiently.

Imagine a networking cocktail that instantly qualifies your leads …

Serious gaming for networking makes perfect sense! The user’s commitment is indeed the essence of serious gaming. But a networking cocktail where you meet a lot of interesting profiles but with no commitment is just… a lost investment (in time and money).

Do your networking well or don’t do it !

Have you ever lived such a situation? So have we! That’s why we developed this concept. From now on, with the Networking Play, you will meet more professionals from you sector, you will prospect more efficiently and you will sustain your relationships.


Our application will encourage groups of people who already know each other to go towards other profiles. It is a first stage, simple but essential. Then, the application will define a common objective for the new team, which will allow its members not to look at each other but to look in the same direction. Defining a common objective, even if there is no direct link with the participants’ positions and jobs and, above all, if it’s fun, will suggest them that collaboration is possible. And, as in every game, the competitive spirit and the willingness to win a prize will encourage the participants to surpass themselves. When the participants will have reached this “flow state” (see our case studies for more information) we will be able to reach the climax of the evening : a concrete engagement between all payers.


Let’s talk about your next dedicated Networking Play !