Visio Show

The show must go on (remotely)

The “Visio Show”, the online teambuilding inspired by TV shows.

Our Visio Show – derived from the Dinner Show – offers you sequences that will propel you and your team into a TV show… If you’re going to be in front of a screen, it might as well be fun!

In one hour, three sequences linked to three famous game shows will be shown:

  1. Who really wants to be a millionaire
  2. The price is right, right?
  3. Belgium’s got talent

Team Building en ligne Visio show

3 sequences of +/-20 minutes each will follow each other to offer you a really relaxing and dynamic online teambuilding.

The “codes” of game shows will be – in a non-exhaustive way ;

  • Background music, different for each sequence
  • Varied ways of answering
  • Interludes – refreshment breaks
  • Fine and elegant humour (sometimes)
  • And of course, a car to win!

3 sequences – 3 TV shows

    • The price is right, right?
      • Find prices for unusual objects or objects found at flea markets. These are revealed one after the other. Each team will answer in “more expensive or less expensive” mode, but also in “straight” mode. There will be internet objects, second-hand objects, black market objects
    • Who really wants to be a millionaire?
      • With all the decorum, music, game-inspired questions, 50/50 and a call to a very good friend
    • Belgium’s got talent
      • Stopped song – find the missing lyrics, but also Playback, air guitar contest, etc

A dedicated platform

In order for this screen-based activity to offer a real aspect of cohesion and cooperation, we present it on a dedicated platform. This platform has been specially created to meet the needs of online teambuilding, in particular the visio quiz and the visio show. It allows you to bring together on a single screen; your facilitator, the questions, your voting box and up to 8 colleagues!

While waiting for a real return to face-to-face activities, the visio show completes our range of online teambuilding activities, and we can’t wait for you to discover it!


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