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The remote team building activity

Discover the remote team building activity.

Getting to know each other and discovering common interests are the first steps towards better professional cooperation. In this period of teleworking where it is no longer possible to exchange informally with colleagues, it is vital for teams and their morale to find moments of sharing. Thanks to the visio who’s who, rediscover the coffee break during your telework. 

This is why we have adapted our who’s who to teleworking. Do you remember Guess who? This game from our childhood which is played as an investigation to recognise a character. With our remote team building activity, the principle will be to find your colleagues!

The coffee break in videoconference

Guests (between 20 and 300) connect to a videoconference platform such as Zoom. Our animation team welcomes everyone and explains the 3 steps of the game!

Step 1: completing a profile.

Participants are invited to complete their profile on the website. Questions with open or multiple choices answers are asked in order to generate a portrait.

Each quiz is unique as each client is unique. That is why the questions below are examples:

  • My best memory within the company?
  • My greatest professional pride is?
  • If I were an animal, I would be…
  • My superpower is…
  • My favourite quote is…
  • My favourite book is …
  • Today I feel like I’m …
  • The film I watched the most is …

Step 2

Once the profiles have been filled in, the group is split up into breakout rooms to find their team. A training session begins to get used to the software. You will have to find the hidden profiles of the members present in your breakout thanks to the clues given. At this stage, it’s all about using as many clues as possible in order to (re)get to know your teammates.

Stage 3

After a brief return to the plenary room to answer technical questions, the competition will take place. The final part can begin, again in breakout. This time there are points to score: each team will have to find as many profiles as possible among the participants in the other rooms. The team work will help to identify as many profiles as possible.

Keep in touch with your colleagues with our remote team building activity

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