Visio escape

Remote teambuilding activity

Are you ready for the visio escape?

  • Is your team teleworking?
  • Do your employees want to share a fun and energising moment during a period of confinement?
  • Are you wondering how to put a little warmth into video conferences?

Then you are ready for our remote escape game, the visio escape

Discover our remote escape game in videoconferencing! A collaborative teambuilding activity designed for teleworking 


The process :

Your collaborators/team mates receive by e-mail a link to connect to the videoconference. No need to prepare, just click on the link and let yourself be guided.

Our game master welcomes you and explains your mission. He then accompanies you throughout this remote escape game.

Once the rules have been established, the game master sends each participant certain elements of a first puzzle that allows them to enter a virtual apartment. During the course of the game, participants move from room to room to complete collaborative challenges. To do so, they will have to find objects in their teleworking space (e.g. a fork, a bic, a book). They have to get up, move, communicate and make the right decisions to move forward… all the way to the kitchen for the final challenge.

Visio escape

remote escape game

Each session lasts 1 hour for teams of 3 to 6 people. Up to 90 participants (15 rooms) can play simultaneously!

This remote escape game concept has been designed and co-constructed with the Réseau Européen de Teambuilding

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April 2021 – New scenario: Arsène Lupin

Exactly one year after the release of our first virtual escape game scenario, here is a second storyline. This new version is only available for the experts experts who have already participated in the first scenario.

In this new version of Visio Escape, we invite you to take on the role of Arsène Lupin, the gentleman burglar who has recently been brought up to date by Netflix.

The ingredients that made the first version of our first remote escape game a success have been kept for this new scenario. Each team member will have to communicate and exchange with the other participants in the most efficient way possible to solve the different enigmas proposed.

You, the diamond gang, will have to steal a magnificent diamond before being double-crossed by the cunning Lupin.

Divided into teams of 6 people maximum, you will be accompanied by a game master throughout the game. He will be there to guide you, accompany you and lead you to victory.

You will have to communicate and listen to each other in order to reach the museum room containing the diamond as quickly as possible. Collaboration throughout the animation will be the key as it will be impossible for you to go it alone.

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