Visio quiz

An activity for everyone !

 wannapplay presents you the Visio Quiz – the most popular virtual teambuilding! 

Are you looking for a light, fun and relaxing activity during this period of teleworking? Yes, of course, a quiz is not an innovative concept in itself and many competing teambuilding agencies offer their version of a virtual quiz. So why should you prefer the wannapplay virtual quiz? 

3 reasons to answer your question – let’s take a look

1°) The first reason lays in the content. We have worked on questions on which it is not possible to cheat with Shazaam or Google (because yes, some people will recognize themselves). The questions proposed are sometimes morphings of faces, identify an animal cry, musical questions or cinema interludes.


2°) The second lies in the balance of points during this virtual quiz. You score points for your team and it is the average of your team’s scores that will determine the final ranking. Everyone will be able to vote via their computer or on a smartphone.


3°) Last but not least, and probably the best reason, is the tool we use. The platform developed with the European teambuilding network for this video quiz allows you to both follow the facilitator’s video in livestream AND discuss with your team members. It is therefore possible to talk, be strategic, make fun of the facilitator’s humour while comparing his points with those of other teams. There are special moments during the quiz where the teams can communicate with each other by messaging each other for everyone to see.


Ready to take part in this special virtual quiz? What are you waiting for? Contact us for more info on this activity, we will help you find THE perfect match for your group!

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