Venue Play

Teambuilding in your premises.

The ultimate flexible and mobile teambuilding activity!

You want to strengthen company spirit and to organise a fun activity for your team but you don’t have time to organise a teambuilding activity yourself nor an extra budget to move… Have you thought about a teambuilding activity in your premises? Indeed, you can enjoy a fun and casual moment without leaving the cosiness of your meeting venue, of your hotel or of your own offices! Our Venue Play adapts to any space so that you can achieve your objectives in terms of team cohesion, of collaboration work or simply of fun between colleagues.

Turn your spaces into playgrounds

… That’s our motto! The Venue Play allows us to achieve this easily: in the venue you use, we place thematic boards on which flash codes are displayed. We can also use existing items likes works of art, objects, office pieces of furniture, etc. The venue play can be set-up 100% indoor or part of or even the whole activity outside. The participants, divided into several teams and equipped with ipads, have to spot several framed pictures in the building. Thanks to the flash codes, they activate quizzes and challenges on their tablets.


Jumping Rock Band activité modulable

Varied and fun challenges

From intellectual to sport challenges, through more creative and interactive ones, there’s something interesting for everybody! Once the code is activated, the players discover different types of challenges:

  • Fun quizzes, for which each board corresponds to a theme: music, cinema, Belgium, art… Participants are challenged on their general knowledge. The teams can choose the way they answer: if they know the answer, they can choose “Cash” or if they’re not sure, they can choose “Carré” (a 4-proposition choice) or “Duo” (a 2-proposition choice);
  • Timed questions adding “stress” to the activity,
  • Creative challenges: the participants draw, take pictures or film themselves with the tablet. A real delight when displayed at the end of the activity
  • Reorganisation questions: the players have to sort out several propositions.

At the end of this team-building activity, the participants get together, sometimes around a drink. We show the best creations to finish the activity on a high note! The team getting the best score is also rewarded.

Customise your team-building!

This activity can indeed be 100% customised: we can include game sequences dedicated to specific contents such as the theme of the day, the highlights of the morning plenary, the goals of the year… One of our strength is actually gamification: we turn serious contents into fun activities for the participants.

Every type of team-building challenges are possible. You can spice up the challenges with the options we put at your disposal. You’ll find them in the right column. We can add other ones according to your objectives and desires.


You want to talk about it? Contact us! You want a demonstration? Our pleasure!



Frédérique de Siemens

"Duizendmaal dank! Het was een prachtige namiddag vol uitdagingen, creativiteit, ontdekkingen en vrolijkheid, dankzij jullie onberispelijke organisatie en onze animatrice Alix. Ik heb alleen maar positieve reacties gekregen!" 11 juli 2017 *

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Corinne from Vinci Facilities

A successful team-building: A very nice setting for a great and well-organised activity. This sunny day is unforgettable and the participants' enthusiasm was very communicative. A lot of humour, of nice memories and of funny pictures. A nice unity in diversity. Something to try!

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Pauline from Siemens

We're very glad with the day we enjoyed and I'm quite happy with my colleagues' participation! It's not always that easy! Thanks again and see you next time!

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Maud from Solvay

  Thank you very much for everything. The participants enjoyed the event a lot! :-)

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Laetitia from Arkadin

The activity went great, whether we talk about the game with the pad or Bubble football. Everyone had an amazing time. Everything, from the activity to the animation and the activity leader, was perfect. Thanks a lot for this great afternoon!

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