Bomb defuse play

Virtual reality and teambuilding

Discover collaborative virtual reality

Blow up the atmosphere… but not the bomb!

Put your puzzle solving and communication skills to the test in a collaborative virtual reality experience. As you and your colleagues get organized to defuse bombs while trying to communicate quickly and efficiently before time runs out! Everyone will have a role to play in this frenzied animation!

The course of events

One member of the team will have access – in turn – to the suitcase bomb, thanks to our virtual reality goggles. The rest of the team, based on the information to be found on their defusing manual, will guide the deminer’s actions by asking the right questions and consulting each other effectively. Listening and being heard will be the key to success.

La valise à désamorcer

Here is the suitcase to be defused as a team!

This game taken over by wannapplay accumulates no less than 9 international prizes such as

  • Best evening game
  • Best social experience
  • The most innovative
  • Design excellence

What wannapplay offers

  • Provision of one virtual reality mask per team of 5 people
  • A defusing folder, available in French, English, Dutch, one by team.
  • Briefing by a wannapplay facilitator in a place of your choice.
  • Assistance during the whole activity

This virtual reality experience can take place in your office, in a seminar room, in a hotel… The use of Oculus Go makes this concept nomadic and easily transportable.

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