VR play – virtual reality dinner

A meal as if you weren't there!

VR play – your dinner AND a virtual reality experience!

Everyone talks about VR – virtual reality, augmented reality. It is sometimes complex to navigate through these terms and what they contain.

wannapplay offers you the opportunity to use virtual reality for collaborative purposes. Because if it is true that RV is invited everywhere, the world of team building is a little behind. This is now a thing of the past thanks to our VR dinner play.

Virtual reality – as a team

During a meal, we will immerse you – thanks to our Oculus Go and our VR Dining application – in different worlds to explore as a team. Because you will not be isolated in your goggles, because team building means team and cohesion. It will therefore be a question of communication, of living experiences in immersion in different worlds throughout the meal.

Eating must remain a pleasure and a time of sharing. This is why episodes of virtual reality activity are short, namely 6 minutes for the shortest to 15 minutes maximum for the longest. Most importantly, we can control time and propose a formula that is at the same time immersive, fun, cooperative.

The following steps can be proposed:

Aperitif / VR Session / first course / VR Session / Main course / VR Session / Dessert / VR Session (optional)

Worlds to explore:

  • Sliding : a bobsleigh game in which you have to be synchronized with your colleagues in order to follow the perfect curve and get there first.
  • Dexterity : This time you play Pictionary in a virtual room with players from another team
  • Fun : a shooting game that will immerse you in an arcade games of the 90s… the goal is simple, destroy (with your teammates) a maximum of aliens!
  • Collective thinking: if virtual reality is in fashion, what about escape games! We offer you a virtual escape room… and 15 minutes to get out!
  • Culture: A quiz like “who wants to make millions”, with the 50/50, the possibility to double your bet and even send a pie to the face of your opponents.


This concept can be set up anywhere, in a restaurant, an event venue, a hotel. We don’t even need wifi, we bring our own network.

However, it will be preferable to privatize the premises, because during the game sessions, laughter and cries of surprise will be heard!

During the meals

While you’re playing, you have to admit, you don’t look smart with your helmets screwed on your head. Therefore, we will take the opportunity to shoot you with photos and videos that we will be happy to show during the meal. And as we often say, we don’t laugh at you, we laugh with you!

A dinner in virtual reality

Experience virtual reality during dinner







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