Happiness Strategy

Let's increase wellness within your company

The awareness of the importance of wellness at work is growing within companies. Employers and managers are now aware that human resources are more efficient and less inclined to burnout when they are healthy and their working environment is motivating.


Of course, various factors come into play when it comes to wellness at work: office equipment, lighting, work schedules, rest and sleep periods, food and meal schedules, regular physical activity.

Healthy foodbikedrink water

We offer an innovative concept that will allow your workforce to gain awareness about the advantages of keeping or improving physical fitness on a daily basis, whether it is at work or at home. Our approach mostly offers concrete elements that allow to implement the achievements of this formation about wellness at work.

Managerial awareness, what a challenge!

The first step is to raise awareness about the advantages of an improved wellness at work among managers. Those advantages are “human” of course but first and foremost financial, with a decrease in turnover, a massive drop in sickness absences and an improved efficiency. Our offer will be meaningful only if it concretely induces the implementation of spaces dedicated to sport as well as reminders of the elements exposed during the activity.

How does it work?

We work according to 2 different working methods that will be mixed during an “educative wellness activity”:

  1. Working sessions with a coach specialised in sports, nutrition and stress management.
  2. “Achievement validation” sessions with touch pads and application exercises followed by activity leaders.



Working sessions are short and efficient

“Mise en abyme”

We have to go through important topics such as the nature of the stress and its management, the reactions of the body during physical exercise, the beliefs about food, etc. Topics are treated in a fun way by the activity leader so that the participants can get as much information as they can.

Workshops in small groups

After about 15 minutes, a fun session starts. Teams of 6 – 7 persons are set up. Each team receives a touch pad. The session consists in answering questions on the discussed topic, putting in practice elements that the coach talked about (or not). Exercises will also be proposed in small workshops and they will be photographed or filmed with the pad, so that the sessions can be viewed afterwards. It can be a good laugh and it allows to correct some aspects!


office exercices

On the move…

To boost the activity and enjoy a team-building effect, the participants will have to go to different locations of your premises (inside and/or outside) made accessible for the occasion. The activity will take place as a “treasure hunt”.

When the participants finish the fun session, the coach starts discussing another topic… After the explanation, a new fun session starts with the pads, and so on.

Working context

The activity can take place (nearly) everywhere. The location must be concretely defined according to the weather and the available spaces on the day of the activity… It is also possible to realise this activity in classic seminar venues or in a Decathlon store (the partner of the project) near your premises.