Who is Who ?

A game to know get to know your colleagues better

You spend a lot of time with your colleagues but do you really know them? This game for corporate events might be the solution!

This is the perfect game if you want a light corporate activity that doesn’t take too long. It can perfectly be combined with most of our other activities!

What hobbies do you share with your colleagues?

What? Office manager Janice is also buticulaplasticulophile (she collects plastic bottles)? That’s a good topic for coffee breaks!

What means of transportation do you use to go to work?

What? Accountancy Michael drives by your street every day? Maybe it’s time you two to start carpooling!

What did you want to become when you were a child?

This concept is ideal for cocktails and corporate events, and perfect to get to know your colleagues. It actually relies on what you already know – the goal being finding Who is Who? – but it gives you a bunch of little details, from the most useful to the funniest one about people you see every day.

How and when?

Who is Who ? is really easy to set up and sets a nice atmosphere for a drink, a cocktail dinner or a sitting dinner. It is necessary that the participants already know each other a bit. It is also recommended in the context of service or company mergers: we will work on team mixing to guarantee good results.

How does the activity work?

1st step: encoding your individual answers

Ideal during a drink

First, all the participants connect to a web application with their own smartphones. We can also provide touch pads for them. They fill in a little simple questionnaire with short answers. Those answers are sent to our online server.

2nd step: discover Who is Who in teams

While waiting for the main course, for example

Each team or each table has to find out who, in the team, hides behind the masked profiles. To do so, the players all gather around the same smartphone or pad to read the answers to the different questions. It is a first test to check if everyone understood the principle of the game.

3rd step: unmask the colleagues hiding behind each profile

Maybe while eating dessert

Things get serious! Each team will receive a number of masked profiles to find out according to the duration of the game. This time, you will have to unmask the members of other teams and each correct answer will bring points to your team.


The team who found the highest number of profiles wins the game and the associated gift. In case of a draw, the winning teams will compete over a last fun challenge.


P.S. This concept is currently available as a remote team activity… up to 96 participants

Let’s get to know each other: contact us so we can define the perfect game for your corporate events!


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