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Learn the basics of wine tasting with our oenology activity

An oenology activity accessible to all? It is possible!

As it is always fun to solve an investigation with a nice glass of wine, wannapplay proposes a training to the basics of wine tasting while you try to confound the murderer of a winemaker.



Mister Chabrol’s dead body was found at the heart of his vineyards. The main suspects are questioned, one after the other, from the frightened brother to the bitter neighbour, not to mention the real estate agent whose last offer had been rejected. Two bottles were found near the body: one of withe and one of red. Use deductions and, what’s most important, learn how to recognise a wine thanks to the sound advice given to you to unmask the murderer.


oenologie-Team-BuildingThe ultimate oenology activity: you will learn how to use all five senses in your everyday life to better appreciate a nice bottle.


In which circumstances can you organise such an activity?

This wine-related activity is ideal between colleagues or with professional relationships, to break the ice while having fun. It can be organised everywhere, inside or outside.

Contact us for more information. We would be glad to meet you… maybe with a sip of wine.

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