A better brainstorming thanks to our serious games

Transfer information from the bottom to the top to take better strategic decisions

The challenge: Managing to brainstorm in teams outside

When one of our clients asked for a tailor-made activity which was a challenge, we immediately said we could do it.

The challenge: offering all the advantages of an outdoor team event while encouraging the teams to brainstorm to bring food for thought.

We jumped at the opportunity.

In serious games we trust!

Sport challenges as strategic ingredients

This client being Decathlon, we had to offer the main ingredient: sport challenges.

We thus organised our personalised activity in a forest south of Antwerp.

The participants were divided in six-person teams. Each team got a touch pad which was, at first, their guide in the woods. We used geolocalisation to guide them.

They had to go to virtual points as quick as possible to take part to sport challenges.

We can say they were equipped consequently…

More than physical challenges

But, beyond the physical challenges, the teams also had to brainstorm about specific topics associated to the company and its position on the market.

This could go from a reflection about a developed product to the management of a part of the shop or the future of a given employee and his/her ambitions in the group.

The magic of the touch pad

The magic of the touch pad is that it is a tool for serious games. It encourages expression.

It encourages reflection but it doesn’t represent constrain or control over a person – whether it is a manager or a coach.

Brainstorming is thus unrestrained. It can go further.

In addition, the pad is a great tool to collect information.

While guaranteeing the anonymity of individual information, it enables to collect gross data that can be processed later to define a view for the group and then to help making strategic decisions knowingly.

You want to survey your teams better?

  • You would like your brainstorming session to be more efficient?
  • You want to set up a bottom-up communication in your company but you don’t know where to start?

Contact us. We will work out a tailor-made solution together.

Similar or different, with us, everything is possible!

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