Involve your staff to communicate about change

Playing is already endorsing

A famous brand of general public tools decides to change direction

While continuing to sell house and gardening tools for the general public, it wants to become a new reference in personalised accompaniment of projects. 

It’s not about giving information about stock availability and indicating the alley for the desired item. The goal is to accompany the client in his/her search for a concrete solution to solve a problem.

Change is now. Well… as soon as we have communicated about it!

Communicate about change with general public is something that we have to do but first, we need a strong support from all the shop managers who will have to instil envy to their staff. Yet, to be a ambassador of the message, one has to be convinced. It’s not innocuous, this is an important change. But change in a company is always associated with reluctance at first, fear among staff who will, if they don’t adhere, slow this change down and the company could miss a chance.

Fun for a large and targeted public

In 2015, Wannapplay was contacted to complete this important task. And, talking about important, nearly 500 persons took part to the activity. It took place in the city of Antwerp where the teams had to go to different geolocalised places thanks to a touch pad given to them. Beyond work on corporate values, each team was given a bag containing disparate elements. Each team had to create a consistent object during the activity using all the elements and to sell it like in a teleshopping show, filming themselves.

The game creates the empathy necessary for support

It is a good way of placing the managers of the different shops in the same situation as their customers’. Empathy is essential to understand the customers’ needs and therefore satisfy them. This is the efficient approach we chose to communicate the message and broadcast it efficiently.


We were (not) lucky with the weather!

The only fly in the ointment was that the weather was really bad (let’s not forget that Antwerp is in Belgium). Still, the event was a great success!

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