Manage your team building event

On this website, you’ll find infinite event possibilities :

  • In Belgium, in Luxembourg and everywhere else thanks to our network 
  • For your staff, in order to enhance cohesion or communicate about a change
  • For your clients, launch a product, open a new facility
  • Outside or inside, in a park, a city or in your premises or even in a meeting room
  • For a seated concept during a dinner or to discover a city or a region
  • To unite, raise awareness or network, in a fun way

And there’s more! This site is also a Bible for the organisation of your event. In our Resources section (available soon), you’ll find plenty of important information  on where to organise your event. It’s free, help yourself! Providers, hotels, venues or animation solutions, they were all tested and approved by wannapplay… for you! And if that’s not enough, call us, we’ll help you out.