Escape Game

From reproducing a situation of crisis in a fun way to its collaborative solution

The Escape Game est a trendy phenomenon and offers a collaborative work in teams. This concept, coming from Asia, only exists in the biggest cities in Europe.

This activity allows you to reproduce a crisis situation and to find a solution to this situation in teams, while playing down its importance through game.

The principles of the Escape Games

The common principle of the Escape Games is a team meeting in a room to solve several riddles in a given deadline. Some Escape Games will focus on interactivity, others on the script and others on riddles or sketches but all of them allow to work on the collaborative aspect of team work.


An activity for everyone

Here, team collaboration takes on all its significance as participants will sometimes have to be discerning, sometimes logical with numbers, sometimes observing and sometimes skillful but always listening to each other. If they put their skills to the service of the group and share the fruits of their work, the members of the group will be able to move forward.

Size of the group

The small size of the rooms doesn’t allow this activity to be a full team-building activity and companies have to find solutions dedicated to bigger groups. That’s the reason why wannapplay offers to include, in your urban route (in cities where it is logistically possible*), an access to an Escape Room. For the participants, it will just be another stop on the route and it will increase the fluidity of access for all the teams.



Interested? Let’s talk about this to see if we can propose this activity on your urban route!

Oh, and of course, have a look at our mobile digital escape game


*As an example, in Brussels, we work with Enygma


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