Interactive and sport workshops

Who says the use of new technologies means the end of traditional team-building activities?

Interactive workshops, highly recommended for longer activity periods, allow the teams to compete against each other, for a sane competition spirit.

It is also a moment to communicate about the day with the other colleagues and the activity leader.

We can mention (non-exhaustively as there a lot of of possible interactive games):


molkky_atelier-interractif_sortie-entrepriseMölkky (pronounced [mølkky] or “meulku”) is a game of skill created in 1996. It is based on a traditional Finnish throwing game. Mölkky is an outdoor game. The goal is to score exactly fifty points knocking over pins numbered from 1 to 12 with a wooden stick.

Mölkky is a mix between petanque, billiards and bowling, and can be played regardless of the age or the physical condition.


It is a typical North-American precision game. cornhole_atelier-interractif-teambuildingThe goal is to successively throw four little bags of corn on a platform 8 meters away from the thrower. Depending on your precision, you will win more or less points…

Rhythmical, fun and easy to understand, this game is easy to organised in a private or public park!



  • Bubble Football

Bubble Football is, as its name suggests, a football game where all the players are surrounded by a bubble. While it protects the players – like a bumper – it complicates the duels and turns the activity in something really fun.

This sport activity is something to consider if you are looking for a good physical outlet offering a new kind of contact with your colleagues. Behind its strictly fun aspect, it allows to learn intuitive lessons about the way people can collaborate efficiently under pressure.



A lot of other interactive team-building activities are available and can be organised. Contact us and tell us about what you want!!

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