Museum stop

Discovering a city without visiting one of its museums is like drinking champagne in a plastic cup…

… it’s nice but what a pity!

Museums are not only an integral part of cities, they’re also their soul. They offer diverse and varied discoveries in buildings that often are genuine monuments. So why going without them when you plan to discover or rediscover a city?

Perfectly integrated in your corporate event

Visiting a museum is a familial and private activity that lasts half a day to a day. That’s why we tend to disregard this solution when we plan a corporate event. That seems legitimate. What if we told you that a museum visit could be done in 20 minutes to 1 hour (according to your needs) and can be meaningful when it is integrated in an overall activity?

A protection against bad weather

We all know it: the weather can be a party pooper when planning an outdoor event. Of course, our routes were cleverly worked out to visit roofed settings (public monuments, roofed passage ways,…), but adding a museum to your event is a nice option if it’s pouring down or freezing cold: the teams will spend a short or longer while according to their feeling. Show will go on !

Contact us to ask which museum can be integrated to your urban rally!


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