Photo Booth

Add a good deal of fun to your indoor events and offer unforgettable memories to your guests!

The Photo Booth brings conviviality to your event, whether it is a family activity or a meal with colleagues. This option goes really well in the continuation of the City Play, our outdoor discovery game, when we organise the convivial debriefing, as a extra activity. So what better way to capitalise on the team spirit that we would have built all day than immortalising that moment?

Our photo Booth at your image

The Photo Booth will be set up wherever you want and it is a self-activity, which means that the participants take the photos themselves, thanks to our touch screen. A lot of accessories will be at their disposal and we can also propose a green background so that you can add the setting of your choice, according to the theme of your event for example. The Photo Booth itself can be decorated to stick to the decoration of your event!

Instant and unlimited printing!



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