Give an extra value to your event thanks to the pleasure of the senses

Tasting, discovering or rediscovering a flavor and tickling taste buds, it is the best way of keeping the memory of a moment. We’re not the ones saying it. It’s Proust!

A smooth management…

Perfectly integrated in our activities, the tastings are ideal to disturb the linearity of a day, to have a break and to share with the other participants.

Concretely, we invite the participants to come to the tasting venues by adding a geolocalised spot or by organising a workshop. There, they will be served and they will answer questions about the topic on their touch pad.


What do we suggest as tastings ? Beers, chocolate, cheese, péket from Liège, chips, gromperekichelcher and kniddelen in Luxembourg,…

Where do the tastings take place? In any city, according to their features, or in a private venue where we would have set up a workshop.

Add flavor to your event!


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