Teambuilding concepts – the wannapplay approach

Plato said; “Necessity is the mother of invention” 

We are also convinced that in order to create, ideas arise from a problem, a discomfort, a lack of something. This is the genesis of wannapplay! The observation before the creation of the company was as follows: we do not know of any modern and effective solution that would allow a (business) tourist to discover Brussels other than through a guide… whether it is a person, a leaflet or book or even an audioguide. In 2012, when smartphones offer geolocation possibilities, is it not time to offer an alternative using these new technologies?

The creation of teambuilding concept as seen by wannapplay

This is how Terres Neuves (name of our sprl) was born, which started in July 2013 using the software developed by UrbanGaming. Our best seller – and almost the only product at the time – was the city play.
Our first problem was solved, and clients discovered our approach. The adventure could begin!
Then comes the following issue… How do we get our customers to come back? We would have to find new products, and in particular teambuilding concepts, because it is towards this niche that we would find our clients
Here are some examples of issues and how we have turned them into opportunities

Christmas Play

Problematic: An outdoor teambuilding concept in December
We agree, the problem may seem strange (or even crazy), but we can’t help but try to surprise. Where most companies will opt for a warm end-of-year meal, we take the opposite approach and let your teams benefit from the seasonal weather, the invigorating cold and perhaps the snow?

The concept of Christmas play is simple: a teambuilding activity on the Christmas market! In concrete terms, we equip each team with a tablet. Participants are then guided through the Christmas market in the chosen city. Of course, the size of the Christmas market fluctuates according to the chosen city, but the principle remains strictly the same, strengthening team cohesion through the game.
In the end, it is a city play combining quizzes, photo/video/drawing challenges, with the difference that it is only played in December!

Venue Play

Problematic: A flexible teambuilding concept at your meeting place (or office, or hotel, or…)
The venue play was born quite naturally just after the city play. The solution uses the same platform to offer a mobile and flexible interactive quiz. The big difference is that instead of geographical coordinates to activate a sequence, a framed picture (or other object) is to be found in order to activate a sequence.
We have created various sequences on themes well known by everyone: sport, cooking, travel, puzzles… each sequence contains questions but also challenges!


JCVD play

Problematic: A geolocated teambuilding concept that can be brought everywhere, tomorrow!
Imagine, you are looking for an activity in a private domain, or next to your offices, or in an industrial zone… in short, around a place with poor or non-existent cultural interests. (Yes, it happens)
Well, that WAS a problem. wannapplay can respond to such a request quickly and appropriately.
We thought of an investigation, a cluedo whose information would be randomly dispersed around a specific place.
At the end of a 2-day brainstorming session, the concept is “tied up”, our geolocated cluedo has found its victim, the most international and the most offbeat Belgian actor… Jean-Claude Van Damme!
Result: the JCVD Cluedo concept is now in its version 2.0, totally offbeat, funny and accessible to fans (and non-fans) of the “Muscles from Brussels”.

Other issues solved by wannapplay:

  • No time for an activity in your schedule?! => try ou dinner play , who’s who or VR play which are activities that take place during lunch or dinner (between meals of course)
  • Looking for a serious activity, conveying lasting messages => The Lego Serious play frees the voice through play, while our Happiness Strategy is fighting against Burnout!

The networking play

Problem: networking made easy
Any salesperson has known this moment of discomfort during a networking evening… How to approach an unknown person to obtain his business card and – possibly – start a professional collaboration? The opposite is also true, how to remain polite when you are interrupted in the middle of a conversation by a shameless networker who absolutely wants to pick up as many cards as possible.
We’ve had this idea in our drawers for a few years now (yes, it’s a long time), but the technologies used did not allow us to put in place a satisfying solution. Now, the development of our wannapplay application and the hiring of Olivier  – our game designer –  the networking play is now available!

Project under development


Problematic: offer a playful moment during the cocktail party
No need to remind you that escape games are in vogue… wannapplay already offers 2 versions! And if you are familiar with teambuilding, you will not have missed the wave of team-cookings and other tastings, culinary creations, etc.
The keyktail is a revisit of these two themes… knowing that you will have to earn your aperitif, and that time counts. If you can’t find the champagne bottles in time, you’ll still have the sparkling water!
This project is also under development and will be playable from winter 2018
If you think of a problem, if you want to challenge us, be aware that we love solving problems!So, do you wannapplay?