European Team Building Network

European Team Building Network, the power of a nearby network!

This European group of team-building partner agencies was created to enhance exchanges of:

  • best practices
  • innovation
  • skills
  • resources

Unity is strength!

we are your neighbors

team-building Europe

We based on the Belgian motto to create a European network. This strength allows us to create innovative solutions thanks to a wider horizon. We look for new and cool stuff, things that work and we integrate them into our solutions!

Want some examples?

And there’s more! This collaboration with other team-building agencies in Europe allows us to deal with exceptionally large groups. Hundreds and even over a thousand participants, we meet all your expectations!

  • The City Play activities, that require extra activity staff and digital equipment, are organised in association with Une-Bonne-Idé;
  • And last but not least, Justine of Sodalis Sud-Ouest, has already asked for our help in her region for an important event.

We can therefore guarantee a great organisation and design quality for large groups anywhere in Europe, while maintaining friendliness in the relationships and during the activities. It all comes down to this: the  European Team Building Network‘s professionalism!

Our shared values:

  • Creating, innovating, going forward together
  • Being forerunners on the market
  • Sharing on new trends
  • Trusting each other
  • Solidarity spirit
You want to go further, think bigger? You're on the right page... 
Meet the first European Team Building Network!