Teambuilding in teleworking

Companies have to quickly adapt to a new era, wannapplay is part of these innovative companies!

Let’s face it, communication through screen is not as natural and warm than face to face. How to put a bit of humanity in teleworking? Through teambuilding, really? Well, if you never imagined doing teambuilding from home… honestly, neither did we!

Visio escape: teambuilding in teleworking

We offer you the opportunity to continue to communicate with your team. We want to offer quality moments between your collaborators and we are willing to put color in videoconferences. The challenge you face is to continue to work together, remotely, over time. And now is the time to build on it. Solidarity of the first moments must now give way to the sustainability of team collaboration. Visio-Escape shares this vision.


Visio escape


Behind his or her screen, each participant will receive a mystery invitation to participate in a drink in a virtual apartment. The first step will be to access the place and then to find their way around. There will be a series of riddles to be solved together, through team communication and manipulations at home, directly in front of the camera and finally managing to open the fridge. It will be time for everyone to open their favourite drink and toast with their teammates. The game master will then leave you to enjoy this moment together.

Find the project description on the activity page related to this special teleworking teambuiding, a project developed with our partners of the European Teambuilding Network.

Visio Detective: another teambuilding in telework

Here is another possibility of teambuilding in telework, a videoconference investigation.

In the Visio Detective, the action starts after one minute and you learn the few rules while investigating. The game master is waiting for you in a room in the Louvre to take you on a daring flight. As witnesses, you will take it in turns to collect clues and question the people present at the time of the theft. You will then have to analyse the elements in sub-teams thanks to the zoom breakout rooms tool.

Visio detective is a cooperative game between teams. All teams that find the culprit win, without ranking.


Visio who’s who: do you still know your colleagues?

A third possibility offered in terms of remote team building; the visio who’s who! This can be played simultaneously by up to 100 people! An excellent way to get to know the new recruits who started out in confinement, a perfect time to reconnect with colleagues who will soon be out of the office.



PS: spoiler alert, we are also adapting our dinner show to offer a giant remote quiz!