Gamification and Hybrid Events: The future of team building

Gamification and Hybrid Events: The future of team building

In the past few years we’ve seen changes in almost everything around us, and Team Building is no exception to this. We already spoke about the new trends emerging in the industry, and some of them are now consolidating and indicating where the future of Team Building is pointing at.

Always remaining true to the core mission of reconnecting and bringing people together, it’s becoming clear now that Team Building will be more and more inseparable with Gamification and Hybrid events.

What’s this? In a nutshell, Gamification is about using games and fun activities to tackle strategic and precise objectives. For example, there are games to reinforce team spirit, to build soft skills, or to strengthen leadership and communication in a group.

And hybrid events are about adding a digital touch to the mix! There are now plenty of new options and tools that allow many combinations to organize a Team Building event. A great example are the phygital activities, mixing physical and digital elements together.

Gamification and hybrid events can be a great addition and complement to traditional Team Buildings, and that’s why People First has integrated wannapplay, a Brussels-based company specialized in innovative team building and gaming experiences.