Ulteamate coaching


In 12 modules, ulteamate coaching immunizes your team against the pains of the workplace.

Save time by managing your training and teambuilding program of the year in one go.

A coaching path

wannapplay and Furk have thought of an integrated year-long program. 12 months – 12 appointments – 12 modules related to the skills, cohesion and performance of your staff. 

First ; a diagnosis of your team. What are its strengths, its areas for improvement, what is its current state? This first moment of mapping your structure and the links that make it up will serve as a foundation for the rest of the program.

8 modules of training/coaching adapted to the needs of your team will then take place. These are spaced out over the year, allowing time for assimilation and implementation in your processes. 

S’ajoutent à cela 4 modules de teambuilding, pour se retrouver et renouer des liens au travers d’activités de cohésion. Une vaste gamme de concepts s’offre à vous, tant en intérieur qu’en extérieur, digital ou déconnecté, en journée ou en soirée. 

In addition, there are 4 teambuilding modules, to get together and reconnect through cohesion activities. A wide range of concepts is available to you, indoors or outdoors, digital or offline, during the day or in the evening.

To overcome covid and teleworking

Your workers may have been laid off temporarily, or have teleworked, or had to work longer hours with little or no risk of infection. There is only one certainty; COVID-19 has had an impact on the daily life of every worker, whether they are an employee, a manager or an entrepreneur.

We can now look forward to the end of the health crisis and the correlated deconfinement. However, a return to a pre-crisis situation remains hypothetical, and if normality is achieved, it will take time.

As everyone has experienced this period differently, the moment of reunion cannot be left to chance. We must be prepared to see our colleagues again, to be prepared for the various reactions that will inevitably occur.

Help your team perform

We believe that the companies that will get through this crisis best will be the most flexible, resilient and creative.

As a business leader, your primary goal is to catch up, so you have little time to spend building your teams. However, it is essential to pay increased attention to your human resources, and to do so without delay.

Trust our approach and offer yourself optimal management of your human capital for the coming year.

The price ? 950€/month for one year, valid from now on for teams of 12 to 20 people.

Contact us to fix an appointment in order to give you more details about this course.