Urban Gaming Worldwide

Urban Gaming Wordwide, technology and best practices sharing.

From the beginning, wannapplay has been working with Urban Gaming. We became client of their technology, their mobile apps dedicated to gamification of corporate events and we have strong personal links! Thanks to that experience (and to a previous one with 2iSD), Urban Gaming gave access to its solutions in 27 other countries!

The collaboration between our two structures has always been fraternal, simply because we share the will to exchange, innovate and, in fine, fully satisfy our clients. Thanks to that shared vision, concepts like CITY PLAY have always been a great success.

A quality event while maintaining a local touch

It’s now an evolving global network. We can thus offer activities in all the democratic territories in the world at reasonable prices because if we organise your whole project, we set it up in association with local players for whom we can guarantee high quality standards.

The pillars of the network

  1. A global reach: 130 cities – 29 countries
  2. An up-to-date technology: hardware and software
  3. Gamification everywhere: indoor and outdoor
  4. A game design spanning from fun to serious
  5. A mutualized content creation
  6. An professional animation team meeting your expectations


In 2015, we had already shot a video to encourage every good agency to join us! Have a look…


More info on the network Website!